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Top Trends for 2017 Eyewear

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Looking for a change of pace but unsure where to start? Switching out your glasses is a quick way to shake up any wardrobe! We’ve been paying attention and the signs for 2017 point to a shift in popular colors and shapes.


Red glasses in a post

When choosing the color of your new frames, consider:

Reds, Pinks, & Purples: Get in touch with your feminine side, with a choice of “girly” colors like reds and purples. Opt for a pastel pink if you want an understated look. Or, find the brightest hue of red you can for a bold look! Going with purple sets you closer to the classics, but nonetheless offers a wide variety to work with.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Every year, Pantone chooses a color to thematically predict the coming year. This year’s choice? Greenery. Called a “refreshing and revitalizing shade,” choosing a medium green shade is sure to set you ahead of the curve. At the very least, it will help you get excited about spring!

Tortoise Shell / Gold Metal: If you’re not looking for a flashy change, or you’d rather stick to the basics, opting for a tortoiseshell instead of black is rapidly becoming popular. Both tortoiseshell and its compliment of gold metal are flattering for most skin tones & natural hair colors. It’s a natural color you can wear every day, yet a gold metal can add a certain glamour.


Gold aviators on wood

If you want the latest styles in eyewear, look to the past. Retro frames are all the rage! Consider:

Clubmasters : The Clubmaster style is dominating the market. Ray-Bans has some classic takes, but other brands offer quirky shapes and thicknesses. The rimless underside of the shape is a slim and elegant option. This style is appropriate for any fashionista or professional, in funky sunglasses or everyday glasses. There are many modern takes on this retro style available today.

Square Glasses : Yup, the hipster trend is still around! We continue to see popularity in your typical thick, black square frames. However, there is more variety on the market today. Smaller frames are more complimentary to some faces, and thinner plastics are lighter and more comfortable. If you’ve been thinking about hopping on this bandwagon, there are more options available now than ever before. Play around with different sizes and colors to find what suits your face the best.

Aviators : While consistently a popular choice for sunglasses, it can be a bold choice in everyday glasses as well. The universally flattering style works with most face shapes, but those of you with more petite features should choose a smaller version. With growing popularity, there are more options in variety available. Choosing aviators for every day glasses shows off that you’re someone who thinks outside the box – and your excellent sense of style.

While these are just some tips, what’s most important to looking good in glasses is confidence! Pick a style that flatters your best features – and that you’re comfortable in. That’s a winning look every time.