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Try Our Color Blind Test for Kids

Color Blind Test for Kids

Color blindness can be problematic for anybody. For kids, it can be even worse. Kids may not realize that they’re not seeing colors correctly and that can lead to a lot of confusion and a lot of frustration. Kids are asked to absorb tons of information at once and when they can’t see colors in the same way that their peers do, it’s easy to fall behind.


If you’re a parent, you’d do anything for your child. Believe it or not, it can never be too early to make an appointment for your child to see the optometrist. In the meantime, take measures to investigate their ability to see color. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a FREE downloadable color blind test for kids. You can use it right in your own home and get an indication of whether or not your child is struggling. Color blindness can have a serious adverse effect on kids’ ability to understand important things.


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Here are some areas in which color blindness can affect the lives of kids:


When you’re teaching your kids at home, you may notice that they get confused by requests like ‘Please bring me 4 red Legos.’ To you, you’re making a simple request to help them build a fire engine out of Legos. To your child, you’ve asked an impossible question. They’re staring at their bin of blocks and they don’t see any red. Or, they bring you a green block and confusion ensues. That’s just one example, but the premise carries over to all kinds of scenarios. If you notice those innocent-seeming mishaps, have your child take a color blind test.



Many children’s shows use color as a major theme or tool. If your child has trouble distinguishing color, they may find themselves lost when watching their favorite programming. As the NFL found out last year when the Buffalo Bills (wearing all red) and the New York Jets (wearing all green) played a nationally televised game, many color blind individuals in the audience had a hard time telling the teams apart. Few entertainment operations consider color blindness and if your child is among them, they may be very confused.



Perhaps most importantly, being color blind can have an adverse effect on learning. For kids, much of the school curriculum is predicated on color and that can lead to mass confusion in color-heavy lesson plans. If your child has complained about being able to understand their teacher or they’re not grasping material that relies on color-coding, color blindness could be the culprit. Make sure that color blindness is not holding your son or daughter back in school. Give them a color blind test.


Follow the prompt below and download a FREE color blind test for kids. You’ll have a better idea of whether or not your child is struggling and you can then set an appointment with your optometrist for some definitive answers.


Download our Color Blind Test for Kids now:Downloadable kids home color blind test