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Vision For Life: Eye Protection at Every Age

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Vision is so important to people of all ages that we go out of our way to protect it, and rightly so. Protecting one’s vision changes as they progress through life since aging causes different changes to our eyes, affecting our vision and causing us to reassess how we should maintain our vision. These are just a few ways to ensure we keep a constant and consistent vision for life.

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When you’re young

At a young age, it is best to make sure children have the proper eye protection. Kids are constantly outside, enjoying life to its fullest playing sports, around the neighborhood, you name it, they’ll be there. With the fun comes the risk of eye damage. The sun isn’t just keeping everything well lit, it’s sending down harmful UV rays which, in a large enough dose, can have lasting effects to one’s vision. To make sure your or your children’s vision for life isn’t compromised, sports goggles or sunglasses are the best way to block out the sun’s rays and still enjoy living it up outside.

As you grow and age

At the same time, regularly checking in with your optometrist to ensure your vision is in tip-top shape is a must. As a person ages, their eyes age with them. The lens grows harder, your pupils dilate less, eyes dry out easier, peripheral vision starts to drop, colors begin to dull as the retina ages, and “floaters” appear in our vision much more. With all of this going on from around the age of 40 and older, vision care is essential to maintaining a healthy vision for life. Disease screenings are a great way to stay on top of things in your eye care and regular vision checkups give you a heads up of what’s to come and how to best prepare or prevent it. If you want to keep your vision as strong as possible, you should look after it to keep your vision for life.

When you’re older

When getting your eyes checked at an older age, the two most common degenerative vision diseases are presbyopia and cataracts. Presbyopia is the hardening of the lens, which causes blurred vision depending on the range of the eyes target. In the early stages, reading with ambient lighting and from a certain distance will be enough, but later stages require some type of glasses or vision enhancement. Cataracts are the clouding of the lens, leading to blurred vision and at its worst, blindness. Disease screenings help to prevent the onset of these two, especially as you reach the age of 60 and up when they begin to set in harder. Vision For Life means all stages have to be covered on a regular basis so that you can enjoy every moment.


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