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Vision For Life: Meaning Behind the Motto

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Vision For Life. It’s Bard Optical’s motto and the driving force behind the quality of care that Bard Optical provides to every patient who walks through its doors. But, what does ‘Vision For Life’ mean?

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Bard Optical has been in business for over 75 years. In that time, Bard Optical has grown and is now comprised of 21 different locations across the state of Illinois. Bard Optical has seen many patients over its history and its goal is always the same: provide Vision For Life. To Bard Optical, that means providing lifelong vision care for all of its patients. Here are some things that makeup Vision For Life:

Eye Care for All

Bard Optical provides quality vision care for people of every age. While some practices specialize in a particular age group, Bard Optical has the experience and expertise to start seeing a patient in infancy and continue treating that patient through old age. Caring for vision is a lifelong process and Bard Optical welcomes patients of all life stages. Bard Optical’s optometrists know what to look for, when, and how to treat age-related ailments. When you visit Bard Optical, you can trust you’ll receive the highest quality care and attention.

Community First

Bard Optical is dedicated to the communities it serves. That pervades the services offered at Bard Optical. When you visit Bard Optical, you’re not viewed as ‘just another patient.’ You’re viewed as a valued community member and treated as such. Bard Optical takes pride in its communities and takes seriously its mission: providing vision care to community members. If you’re looking for an eye care center where you will be treated with a warm familiarity, Bard Optical quickly becomes ‘home.’ Putting patients – neighbors – first is what Bard Optical is all about.

Lifelong Relationship

While it’s, of course, possible to change optometrists throughout life, it is ideal to forge a lifelong patient-doctor relationship and stick to it. At Bard Optical, that’s what’s strived for. By establishing a lifelong relationship with an optometrist, you’ll have someone who knows your vision history, knows your lifestyle, and knows how to provide you with the best treatment possible. Plus, that relationship will organically lead to a better experience. Knowing your optometrist is a considerable advantage in communication and receiving the treatment you need.

At Bard Optical, you can count on receiving quality care. You can count on a community-first attitude. You can count on a lifelong relationship. Bard Optical is dedicated to its communities and all of its patients. Vision care is incredibly important and Bard Optical knows how important its work is to the community. If you haven’t experienced Bard Optical, make an appointment soon.


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