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Wear Your Sports Goggles During These 6 Summer Activities

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Summer is full of great experiences and chances to go out and be active. That being said, the sun isn’t always a friend. Vision is incredibly important to enjoy yourself and without the proper protection, you risk losing it for future summers. These are just a few of the activities you can and should wear sports goggles.

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1. Swimming

Summer is all about fun in the sun and what is more fun than swimming? The quintessential summer activity, swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit and beat the heat at the same time. Staying out in the sun that long can have serious ramifications on your vision through. By wearing eye protection, like goggles, harmful UV rays are mitigated so that you can swim longer without the danger of potentially harming your vision. The longer you stay out, the more strain it puts on your eyes. Better safe than sorry!

2. Baseball

America’s favorite summer pastime, baseball is a great game to play and watch. It’s just the right amount of relaxed play and sporting tension to keep you occupied for a few long hours. Whether you’re playing or watching, the sun is still out and bright as ever. For players especially, the sun can have a harmful effect as they must stand on the field for at least half the game, meaning heavy sun exposure. In order to protect their vision from the sun and from a potential stray ball, goggles/protective glasses are the best means of protecting your eyes from the sun and from the ball.

3. Soccer

A sport that has been rising in popularity across the U.S. for years, soccer is a great way to go outside and be active. However, similar to baseball, there are inherent dangers when playing sport. Games last long enough that the sun can have a small but significant effect on vision over long periods of time, and the danger of a ball or foot hitting your face is real. With sports goggles, these problems are mitigated and allow you the freedom you need to excel in the game.

4. Water Balloon Fights

This one may sound a bit childish but not all of these are aimed at adults! If the pool isn’t an option, then a water balloon fight is the perfect way to stay cool and still have a great time outside. However, in order to protect your children’s vision, both from the sun and a water balloon headshot, sports goggles are a great choice to ensure everyone is safe from the sun and the name of the game.

5. Hiking

This one may seem like an odd choice for sports goggles but don’t knock it ’till you try it. As you make your way up the forest path or the mountainside, you’ll find yourself fatigued and sweaty. Depending on where you hike and what the weather is like, it could be extremely hot and sunny out. For conditions like this, especially for extended hikes, goggles are a good way of not only protecting you from sunlight but from the elements. Windy conditions could send grit and dirt in your eyes, sweat could find its’ way there too if it rains it could obscure your vision. Better safe than sorry.

6. Canoeing

Although not as popular as some of the previously mentioned, this is just as important. Water reflects sunlight and causes intense glare which can damage your vision very quickly if unprepared. Sports goggles ensure that this glare is mitigated to tolerable levels and makes the canoe trip that much smoother.


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