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What Designer Glasses Say About Your Personality

Designer Glasses

We don’t want to alarm you… but your glasses are talking about you. Seriously! Designer glasses are capable of two important things: they can correct your vision and they can make a fashion statement. While the former is undeniably more important, the latter cannot be discounted. Your designer glasses make an impression on others. They take one look at your bespectacled face and conclude various things. What are the concluding? What designer glasses fit your personality? Glad you asked!


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Here are a handful of different types of designer frames and what they’re saying about your personality:


Hipster Frames


‘Hipster’ glasses are typically characterized by thick black frames. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is an inspiration for a lot of ‘Hipster-Esque’ frames. Hipster Frames are also often made in unusual materials like plastic and wood. Hipster frames are cool and they know it.


Hipster frames are named for ‘Hipsters,’ the nebulous group of twenty-somethings you’ve undoubtedly heard of. But, Hipster Frames are for anyone who has their finger on the pulse of the latest styles in eyewear. Sure, a few people might toss you into the poorly-defined Hipster-bin, but most people will respect your style and appreciate your modernity.


Old School Frames


Old School Frames cover the classics. Wayfarers fit here, too, as do Aviators, and even Cat-Eye frames. There are some styles that never leave and that makes Old School Frames a safe bet for someone unsure of what they want their look to be. Sometimes, you can’t beat the classics. That’s the thinking here.


Anyone who wants to craft a style that’s timeless. The impression it gives to others is ‘I know what looks good.’ At best, they begin to associate you with a beloved frame. At worst, they think you look like their favorite rock star. Win-win.


Sporty Frames


Sporty Frames are heavily associated with brands like Nike and Oakley. They’re characterized by a ready-for-action design and a versatility not seen in more fashion-first styles. These are usually wrap-around and sturdy, but can also be thicker rectangular frames. Durable and often made of plastic-like materials, Sporty Frames are around for the long haul.


If you’re an athlete and prone to breaking into games of Ultimate Frisbee, these are the frames for you. When people see sporty frames, they assume the person is active and healthy – not a terrible stereotype to lean into!


Bohemian Frames


Bohemians were Hipsters before Hipsters became Hipsters. Unsurprisingly, the style of glasses is similar. Just as some Hipster Frames are unusual, so are Bohemian Frames. Bohemian glasses can be oversized round frames, perfectly square frames, or any variety of off-beat shapes and sizes. In all cases, they’re unique.


Bohemian Frames are for anyone who marches to the beat of their drum, as the saying goes. When people see Bohemian-style glasses, they tend to assume the wearer is a painter, author, or maybe a poet. Free spirits gravitate toward Bohemian Frames.


Minimalist Frames


Minimalist Frames have always been popular and for good reason – they say ‘business.’ No exaggerated shapes, no wild colors, Minimalist Frames are muted and professional. Popular styles include rimless and semi-rimless. Minimalist Frames are characterized by how easily they blend into the face and how little they attract attention. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t look great.


Minimalist Frames are for anyone who wants to project seriousness and professionalism. Or, they’re for anyone who wants their frames to say less. These frames are seen as a sharp fashion accessory when they’re seen at all.


While your glasses can say a lot about you, it can’t say everything. You can pull off whatever you put your mind to and ultimately, the first impression is yours to make. Your designer frames are there to help.


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