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What Does 2020 Vision Mean?

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What does it mean to have 2020 vision?

It’s where your vision should be at if your eyes have the average seeing ability. You can see an object 20 feet away from you that the “normal” person can make out. You don’t need the assistance of glasses or contacts because your vision is right on par with where it should be.

For people who wear glasses or contacts, their vision is above the 20/20 range, meaning that they must be closer to an object to see it. A person whose vision is 20/50 must be 20 feet away from an object to see it clearly, while the “normal” person can see that object at a distance of 50 feet. To figure out your vision range, schedule a comprehensive eye exam today!

Having 20/20 vision (or better) is the goal. That’s why people who have poor vision, meaning above 20/20, glasses or contacts are needed. There’s a wide range of options available to choose from at Bard Optical because we cater to everyone’s needs! Whether you would prefer to have a thin and sleek pair of frames or a chunky set, we have you covered. There are also many types of lenses available to ensure that your vision is the best it can be, meaning 20/20.

There is also a wide selection of contacts to choose from, meaning that they can come in different lengths of wear time, and different brands. Some people’s eyes work better with special kinds, so we try to offer as many options as possible to our clients so they don’t have to settle for contracts they don’t like.

Not everyone’s vision naturally resides in the 20/20 or better range, and that’s normal. There is a multitude of people who wear glasses and contacts, so there is no shame in having poor vision. 20/20 vision is hard to come by naturally. If your vision is below 20/20, meaning 20/15 or 20/10, then that is even more impressive!


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