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What Family Eye Care Means to Bard Optical

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‘Family’ can mean all kinds of things to all kinds of people. A common thread though, is that family is the most important thing. To Bard Optical, ‘Family Eye Care’ means providing all ages and every patient with ‘Vision For Life.’ That has always been the most important thing. Bard Optical’s team is dedicated to serving its communities and the families within those communities. Your vision and the vision of your family are important to you and to Bard Optical.

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Here are some things that help define family eye care for Bard Optical:


Family is the bedrock of the community. Bard Optical is passionate about providing a community-first and family-first experience to its patients. Because Bard Optical optometrists have experience treating patients of all ages, your entire family (from infants to the elderly) can go to Bard Optical and know that they’re receiving the exact care that they need. By serving families and communities for decades, Bard Optical knows what each age group needs and can deliver the best care possible.

Age and Focus

As people get older, vision care needs to be adjusted for the life stage that the individual is in. Different ages are more or less at risk for different conditions. With years of experience treating different age groups, Bard Optical’s team of optometrists is uniquely equipped to serve your entire family. Instead of seeing multiple optometrists meet the needs of your family, you can visit Bard Optical and bring your whole family with you. From young to old, Bard Optical’s team knows how to deliver the care and customer service you want for your family.

A Lifelong Journey

‘Vision For Life’ is a lifelong journey. Maintaining and improving vision is a process that should start in infancy and continue through old age. Your vision is important and during each stage of your life, you need a team that will be there to help you improve and maintain it. Developing a patient-doctor or family-doctor relationship early can be a huge benefit. Once established, that relationship can grow stronger each year and you and your family will receive the vision care that you need.

To Bard Optical, ‘Family Eye Care’ signifies a lifelong relationship, focus on specific age groups, and communities. Bard Optical has decades of experience providing vision care to families across the state of Illinois. Bard Optical hopes to see your family soon!


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