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Where to Find Designer Glasses in East Peoria

Baby wearing designer sunglasses

East Peoria is in the midst of a revival. The Levee District is now THE place to be in EP. Explosive development of retailers and uber-popular restaurants have transformed the area. It’s a scene. It’s trendy. It’s IN. … Are you?

If you’re reading this through an old pair of worn-out and dated glasses, it might be time for new designer frames. After all, you can’t roll up to the Levee District looking less than your best.

You need shades that fit the occasion and protect you from the sun. Or designer glasses that steal the show. Maybe both! Can you find designer glasses in East Peoria?

YES. At Bard Optical in East Peoria, you can find the designer frames of your dreams. On your next trip out, you’ll be the center of attention. Bard Optical has all the brands that you’ve been searching for. Maui Jim. Ray-Ban. Calvin Klein. Coach. Dolce & Gabanna. Nike. Oakley. Vera Wang. Michael Kors. Ok, we’ll stop listing. But that’s only a few of the major brands that you can choose from. It’s going to be overwhelming. Luckily, Bard also has trained opticians ready to help you find the look you’ve always wanted. Professional opticians make the process easy and enjoyable.

If you’re unhappy with your current frames and you’re ready to find a new look, you can! You can find designer glasses in East Peoria at Bard Optical. You’ll find great values and a selection that will blow you away!

Come find a new pair of designer glasses or sunglasses today! Who knows, you might even look as cool as the baby in the picture.

Ok, not THAT cool. But close!

No matter what, the next time you hit up the Levee District, the most impressive transformation will be YOU!


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