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Where to Find Nike Designer Glasses in Pontiac

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Remember that one Nike ad?

‘Which one?’ would be a logical follow-up to that question.

But, even when given no other details, you likely cycled through a few of them in your head. That’s the power of that world-famous swoosh. From print to TV and beyond, Nike has cemented itself as one of America’s foremost brands. With celebrity endorsements from Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, and Alex Morgan (to name a few), Nike is almost always attached to the most popular sports figures of the day.

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While athletic shoes and apparel likely leap to mind first, don’t sleep on Nike designer glasses. Nike and sports go hand-in-hand, but Nike has also represented a winning style. Nike eyewear is a perfect example. Nike frames are sporty, chic, and have enough variety to fit everyone’s unique look.

So, you’re in Pontiac, IL and you’ve found out that you need glasses (or, you have them, but want new glasses). You’ve checked out Nike frames online and you want to try a few pairs on to narrow down your choices. Where do you go? Bard Optical. If you want to find designer glasses in Pontiac, Bard Optical is a clear choice, every time. You can find the largest selection of Nike designer glasses in Pontiac at Bard Optical.

If you’re ready to step up your style game with some Nike frames, you should go and meet with one of Bard Optical’s certified opticians. They will be happy to walk you through the selection and buying process, making sure that when you walk out the door, it’ll be with your ideal pair of frames in hand.

Bard Optical is the leading optometrist in Pontiac. Bard Optical’s eye doctors are highly credentialed and ready to provide ‘Vision For Life’ for your entire family. In addition to premium vision care, Bard Optical has the biggest and best selection of designer glasses anywhere in Pontiac. Whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got it.

This is your chance to see the best selection of Nike designer glasses around. Whether you’re a current glasses-wearer or you’re going to become one, you need to check out what Nike has to offer. Glasses can be more than cool and Nike’s frames prove it. Stop in today at Bard Optical in Pontiac and see what you’ve been missing. To steal a Nike-ism: Just Do It.

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