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Why Eyeglass Lenses are Just as Important as Frames

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When it comes to glasses, designer frames get all the attention. They provide the flash, the style, and the razzle-dazzle, so to speak. Frames become iconic. Frames make the glasses. However, eyeglass lenses are just as important! It’s true! Your lenses make your glasses work. Lenses are packed with technology that improves vision, removes glare, and blocks harmful light. Lenses are tough and durable, but also comfortable and versatile. Glasses are the perfect fashion accessory. But, more importantly, glasses correct vision. That’s where eyeglass lenses shine. What do lenses bring to the table?

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Eyeglass lenses offer a ton of technology that can help correct your vision. For example, progressive lenses offer a seamless transition of lens strength, putting the power of bifocals or multiple glasses in a single set of lenses. Polarized lenses eliminate sun glare from common sources, protecting your eyes and making it easier to see. Clear Blue Digital Lenses filter blue light, making screen time easier on your eyes. Polycarbonate lenses are thin, light, but virtually unbreakable. Technology has come a long way and has made modern lenses powerful and effective.


Modern lenses can protect your eyes from harmful light. Anti-glare lenses can protect your eyes from the sun. Clear Blue Digital Lenses protect your eyes from harsh blue light. Your lenses can make sure that your eyes stay safe and it allows you to wear your glasses all day long, safely and comfortably. Lenses correct vision, but they can also preserve it. Talk to your optometrist about specialty lenses. Find out how you can protect your vision, while you correct it.


Eyeglass lenses correct vision and provide the clarity that you need. While frames are important (and look cool, too!), lenses provide functionality to glasses. With so many options, you can find frames and lenses that will fit your needs and your lifestyle. Lenses correct your vision and can help protect your eyes in several ways too. When you need vision correction, consider glasses. Glasses and contacts can both be effective ways to correct and improve vision, but glasses pair fashionable frames with functional lenses.

Your lenses do more than you think. While frames grab more attention, lenses provide the punch to your glasses. If you’re looking for a new pair, start your search here.


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