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Why It’s Cool to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

Woman wearing sunglasses in winter

BREAKING FASHION NEWS: Sunglasses are now cool year-round. Seriously. The jury is still out about wearing them indoors, but winter is now officially Sunglasses Season Pt. 2.

We get it. You’ve thought: “I can’t wear sunglasses in winter. It’s cold out. It’s mostly overcast.” That confusion is understandable. The sun plays a big role in winter. It’s a cameo, a non-speaking part, pushed to the background. But, here’s the thing: the sun is GIANT and tends to shine even when it’s not featured. So, sunglasses are fair game. Scratch that. MORE than ‘fair game.’ They’re in. It’s time to spread the news that sunglasses are no longer relegated to summer-only. Sunglasses are a winter thing. It’s happening.

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Why is it happening? Here are just a few reasons by your shades fit the snow:

The Sun is Sneaky

The sun is a little sneaky. In the summer, it’s all “LOOK AT ME!” In the winter, the sun simply looms, lurks, and threatens with UV rays from a distance. It hides behind clouds. It lulls you into a false sense of security. But, make no mistake, the sun is there. So are its harmful UV rays that can do damage to your eyes. Don’t let its inconspicuous winter ways fool you. Protect your eyes from sun damage in the winter. Wear sunglasses in winter. The sun is there, even when it seems it’s not.

Colder Days Need Blazing Fashion

Onto the less-insidious! Sure, the sun can hurt your eyes in the winter and you totally need sunglasses for that reason. But, the sun probably doesn’t mean to do it. It’s just big and bright and clumsy with its rays. Another reason to wear sunglasses in winter? Winter can be dreary. It’s dark. It’s cold. It needs hot fashion to break up the gloom. Sunglasses look great and add some desperately needed flair to a world of earth-tone scarves and overcoats. Wearing sunglasses is a favor to all.

‘Cool’ is a Way of Life

Listen: if you’re cool, you know that it’s a state of being. You can’t turn it off. So stop trying! You carefully chose a pair of sunglasses (or several) that fit your style and accentuates your vibe. Don’t put that on the shelf during the winter. That’s rude to yourself and to others who admire your wardrobe. Besides providing invaluable protection to your eyes and brightening up others’ winter seasons with your hot fashion, sunglasses let you be you, and that matters.

Winter is seen as the season where everybody just ‘packs it in.’ That won’t do. Sunglasses in winter makes too much sense. Your eyes will be protected from the sun, your fashion will brighten up the day, and you can continue being cool year-round. It’s a win-win-win. Make this winter different and wear your sunglasses.


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