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Why You Should Visit Your Optometrist Before Playing Sports

Visit Optometrist Before Playing

You work hard at practice and at game time, and your glasses should work hard for you, too.


Sport eyewear has two main purposes.


The most obvious is to protect your eyes from injury. Every year, American emergency rooms see 40,000 cases of eye injury as a result of sports accidents.


The other purpose of wearing sports glasses is to ensure that your vision is an asset to your performance. Good vision is as important a part of your game as endurance, speed, and strength.


To get better endurance, speed, and strength, today’s athletes are pushing the limits of what’s physically possible. Apparel and gear are getting more advanced with every season, whether the gear is performance racing suits that minimize drag, helmets that register possible concussions, or high-tech wearables that track your fitness goals.


Why should your glasses not also help raise the level of play?


Glasses manufacturers have been getting in the game. “Keep your eye on the ball” is a constant refrain in many sports. But without a clear vision, it is much harder to track the ball, other players, and changing conditions. Accurate depth perception and clear peripheral vision are absolutely essential in most sports.


Visual acuity can change over time, especially in children and adolescents who aren’t yet done growing. A prescription that worked just fine last year might need an update this season. You may be surprised by how many options are available for your particular sport. Prescription lenses can be added to swim goggles, diving masks, hunters’ shooting glasses, tinted sunglasses, ski masks, and even protective eyewear designed to fit under helmets in high-contact sports like hockey and football.


And these aren’t your grandfather’s goggles. With an increased focus on safety, designers have taken eyewear for athletes to the next level. A new generation of sleek, high-performance frames offers levels of protection that the clunky goggles of decades past can’t match. Many features have been drastically improved, such as ventilation to prevent fogging of the lenses.


To offer this level of protection, eyewear must be correctly fitted for the individual. This part is crucial to both performance and safety. A trip to the optometrist will ensure that you have the proper prescription, type of gear, and fit for ideal performance on the field of play.


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